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By Hannah Yaritz, Individual Philanthropy Coordinator

Food! We eat a lot here at Denver Zoo, and we aren’t just talking about people - one elephant can eat up to 150 pounds of hay a day!

By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

This week’s Feathered Friend is Walter, Denver Zoo’s American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos). Since Walter is not cold tolerant he lives behind the scenes in the bird propagation building over the colder winter months. But right now he lives on Monkey Island and will remain there for the warmer months of the year. He shares Monkey Island with 16 Hooded Capuchins, and 2 East African Crowned Cranes.

By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

Introducing our feathered friend of the week. She is the baby Stellar’s sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus). She was hatched here on exhibit by her parents on March 4th.

Denver Zoo Team Discovers Potentially Life-Threatening Fungus on Lake Titicaca Frogs

By Amy Levine, Denver Zoo Director of Conservation Biology

By Sean Andersen-Vie, Denver Zoo Public Relations Manager

By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

Introducing this week’s Feathered Friend - Alice the Scarlet Ibis, (Eudocimus ruber). Some people confuse her with a flamingo since she is also long-legged and bright pink. Flamingos however are much larger and spend most of their time on the ground. Alice likes to spend her time mainly in the canopy during the day basking in the sunshine. Since she is crepuscular Alice is most active at dusk and dawn and that is when she comes down to the ground to eat.

Earlier in April, Denver Zoo shared a free viewing of the film “Girl Rising.” The film highlights the stories of nine girls living in the developing world, striving to reach beyond their circumstances and overcome nearly insurmountable odds to achieve their dreams. The Zoo felt it was important to share this film, as it reflects our dedication to helping women and children in an effort to support wildlife.

By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

By Katie Peterson, Denver Zoo Education Keeper

The month of March was full of so many exciting personal firsts for me! First time driving eight hours on my own, first time seeing a wild badger and a wild bob cat, first time working as a field research assistant, and my first time observing prairie dog breeding behavior! All of these exciting firsts are thanks to being a member of John Hoogland’s 2014 Prairie Dog Squad.


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