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By Shannon Block, President/CEO

What does a unicorn have to do with a zoo? Well, someone once told me that zookeepers are like unicorns. Still lost? Let me explain.

Designs have been made, catalogs perused, plants researched, sketches drawn, greenhouses called--lists and lists and lists. How many plants should be ordered? What variety? Which nursery carries them?

By Shannon Block, President/CEO

Today, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers is hosting “A Day at Denver Zoo for You.” Hundreds of cancer survivors will enjoy free Zoo admission and discounted tickets for their families and caregivers, compliments of RMCC.

By Jessica Leckrone, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

Introducing this week’s feathered friend, Castor, a boat-billed heron (Cochlearius cochlearius ridgwayi). He lives with his brother, Pollux, in the Aquatics Room at Bird World, Presented by Frontier Airlines. Castor hatched at Denver Zoo just five years ago. His mother and sisters still live there in the Rainforest Room, where he was born. Castor enjoys spending his time high in the canopy during the day, and comes down around dusk.

By Shannon Block, President/CEO

I’m a mother. I have an adorable (if I do say so myself) 3-year-old daughter. I can remember the day I had her and all of the mixed emotions that coursed through my body--from over-the-top joy to utter terror.

By Shannon Block, President/CEO

There are some pretty tall people out there—NBA players are the first to pop into my mind. But even former Denver Nuggets player Dikembe Mutombo would be hard-pressed to stand eye-to-eye unassisted with his namesake giraffe that resides at Denver Zoo.

By Shannon Block, President/CEO

My hope is to generate interest, discussion and awareness, as together, we accomplish the Zoo’s mission to secure a better world for animals through human understanding.

By Jennifer (Nixon) Preusser, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

This week’s feathered friend is Spirit, a blue-and-yellow macaw (Ara ararauna), also known as a blue-and-gold macaw. Macaws are members of the parrot family.

Spirit is thought to be at least 15-years-old, but her exact age is unknown since she was a donated from the Rainforest Café when it closed in Denver in 2000.

By Christina Seely, Denver Zoo Large Mammal Keeper

By Sam Polce, Denver Zoo Horticulture Technician


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