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By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

Castor, a 20-year-old Komodo dragon that lives at Denver Zoo, has been moving around a little easier recently thanks to the healing hands of a skilled animal physical therapist. Zookeepers had noticed that when they cleaned Castor’s area in Tropical Discovery there were fewer tail tracks in the dirt, an indication he wasn’t moving around as much. He was also spending considerably more time in his pool than he used to, perhaps to relieve pressure in his joints.

Two Denver Zoo employees, along with a long-time zoo supporter, rode their bikes yesterday in a 109 kilometer tour (67.7 miles) in South Africa to raise money to build a vulture restaurant in Botswana at the Wildlife Research Base in Ghanzi.  The trio participated in the 35th Annual Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour, one of the world’s largest one-day road races. 

By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

By Sarah Metzer, Denver Zoo Science Program Specialist
Education Representative on Denver Zoo's Polar Bear International Committee

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo will receive a case of trout for their sea eagles from Denver Zoo as payment for a wager set on the outcome of the Super Bowl. Denver Zoo Curator of Birds had planned to personally deliver the trout as part of the wager. However, Woodland Park has agreed to alter the original bet to support John’s already planned conservation trip to South America to support Andean condors in the wild.

Many of you may have noticed some changes at Denver Zoo recently and we hope you like them. As part of our strategic plan initiative to better tell our story, Denver Zoo has revamped several of our communications channels. The result is a fresh new look that allows us to give you the stories of Denver Zoo in a more cohesive fashion.


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