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By Molly Maloy, Youth and Teacher Programs Coordinator, Education Department

Spring is here and that means it is time for Denver Zoo’s Botswana conservation education team to pack our duffels and head to Botswana again! Summer is coming to an end in Botswana, so it is hot and the wildlife can often be found resting under large acacia trees. Unfortunately for us, there will be little rest, as this trip will be another busy one for me and my project partner, Erin Stotz. We have a lot to accomplish and only two weeks to do it all! 

Two Denver Zoo employees, along with a long-time zoo supporter, rode their bikes yesterday in a 109 kilometer tour (67.7 miles) in South Africa to raise money to build a vulture restaurant in Botswana at the Wildlife Research Base in Ghanzi.  The trio participated in the 35th Annual Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour, one of the world’s largest one-day road races. 

Denver Zoo Helps Peruvian and Bolivian People Save the Lake Titicaca Frog

By Matt Herbert, Denver Zoo Director of Conservation Education

When you “spring forward” for Daylight Savings time on March 9 we want you to think about frogs! 

Did you know Denver Zoo works with scientists, educators and conservationists in Peru and Bolivia to save the critically endangered Lake Titicaca frog, Telmatobius culeus? 

Denver Zoo’s Curator of Birds John Azua recently returned from a conservation trip to Colombia to support Andean condors in the wild. Here are some notes he shared about his experience:

I traveled with Mike Mace and arrived in Columbia on Monday, February 17. Mike Mace is the curator of birds at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. He is also the Andean Condor Species Survival Plan (SSP) coordinator and my travel partner. I serve as the treasurer for the Andean Condor SSP.

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo will receive a case of trout for their sea eagles from Denver Zoo as payment for a wager set on the outcome of the Super Bowl. Denver Zoo Curator of Birds had planned to personally deliver the trout as part of the wager. However, Woodland Park has agreed to alter the original bet to support John’s already planned conservation trip to South America to support Andean condors in the wild.

Happy Chinese New Year – the Year of the Horse! Also known as the Lunar New Year it’s one of the largest holidays in Vietnam. There it’s known as Tet and its customary to give calendars as gifts. To celebrate this holiday, and raise awareness of the critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys, Denver Zoo has once again funded a conservation education calendar. It highlights these unique endangered primates and raises awareness of their value to the surrounding community.

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