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Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund

Denver Zoo’s Scholarship Fund

Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund makes it possible for all individuals -- no matter their economic circumstances -- to discover the wonders of animals through participation in Denver Zoo education programs. The fund provides access to conservation education for Colorado and Wyoming schools, individuals, groups and families and assures that Colorado’s residents of all ages, from preschool through senior citizens, are able to enjoy and learn more about the living world and the conservation of animals and the environment through Denver Zoo’s extensive education programs.

Support Denver Zoo’s Scholarship Fund


The first scholarships were awarded in 2001, since then more than 300,000 students and 22,000 adults have benefited from scholarships valued at $1.5 million. 


What programs can the funds be used for?

  • Youth Education Programs - Hosted at Denver Zoo including classes, assemblies, workshops, guided tours, camps, career programs, home school programs and Bunk with the Beasts overnight programs
  • Adult Education Programs - Including guided tours and teacher professional development workshops
  • Outreach Education Programs –Held off Zoo grounds including classes, assemblies, after-school programs, community booths with animals and service-learning projects. Outreach programs take place at schools and other community venues, including senior centers, nursing homes, libraries and festivals.
  • Self-Guided Field Trips For School Groups
  • Transportation Fees - To Denver Zoo or your location (if outside of SCFD counties), to partake in education programs.


Who qualifies for Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund?

  • Public Schools -- Whose federal free and reduced lunch ratio published by the Colorado Department of Education is at or above 30 percent
  • Private and Independent Schools -- Whose percentage of students on scholarship is at or above 30 percent
  • Individuals or Families -- Who submit a statement of financial need
  • Community Organizations -- That submit a statement of financial need
  • Schools who do not meet the listed qualifications are invited to submit a letter from the principal or administrator stating financial need.


How to apply

Download the appropriate application form below or visit the School and Outreach Programs registration website. Applications are two pages in length, and a letter stating the need for financial assistance is required.  Once an application is submitted to the Zoo, notification of scholarship award is made within two weeks of receipt. * Denver Zoo requires some amount of payment by the participant(s).  The Zoo does not fund entire program amounts.


Why Support Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund?

Long-term, the community at-large benefits when young people become excited about education and work hard to achieve successful futures as well as when senior citizens continue to be active and inquisitive. And, we all benefit from environmental education which inspires conservation awareness.

Families benefit by sharing learning experiences and spending time together in a dynamic environment.  One single mom who received a scholarship for her family reported she and her children, including a struggling teen, enjoyed the chance to talk with one another as they walked through the Zoo. “The Zoo is not just entertainment -- for our family, it is health-sustaining on many levels.”

Corporations or foundations that wish to support tDenver Zoo's Scholarship Fund may contact Helen Carpenter at or 720-337-1460.

Support Denver Zoo’s Scholarship Fund


Thank you to Scholarship Fund sponsors and contributors:

US Bank and Venoco

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