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Enrichment and After School Classes

We Bring the Zoo to You!

Grades K - 6th

Do you have a large or mixed-age group but still want the hands-on components of our classes? Check out our Enrichment and Afterschool Programs that incorporate 2-3 live animals, activities, and touchable biofacts to make for an unforgettable experience.

Denver Zoo reaches beyond its boundaries and into the community with dynamic, interactive experiences featuring live animals. A variety of programs are available for ages 3 and up that celebrate the wonder and awe of animals and inspire individuals to respect, value and care for the natural world.




Up to 50 participants

K-6th grades, mixed ages/grades

Bilingual programs may be available upon request.


At your facility

Consecutive programs should take place in the same location.

Programs should take place indoors unless discussed with Outreach Coordinator.


Dates and start times vary, according to your scheduling needs and our availability. Offered year round, seven days a week, including evenings (subject to availability).    


60 minutes/program


High Season (Mar-May, Oct-Dec) $275/first class, $175 for each additional consecutive class.

Low Season (Jan-Feb, June-Sep) $250/first class, $150 for each additional consecutive class. (Max of 4 classes/day).

Within SCFD-2 minimum consecutive class programs are required. If you are not able to do 2 classes, travel fees will apply. Those fees are:

0-20 miles from Zoo ($15); 21-40 miles from Zoo ($35)

  • Scholarships are available: Learn more about Denver Zoo’s Red Apple Scholarship Fund.
  • Layover fees apply to breaks exceeding 60 minutes between classes.
  • Travel fees apply to locations outside of SCFD boundaries.

Programs Available

Characteristics For Survival

(Grades K-6)

  • By meeting live animals and turning a classmate into an adaptive animal, learn how adaptations help animals survive in the wild.
  • Explore the difference between physical and behavioral adaptations.
  • Work in teams at interactive stations to further investigate animal adaptations.

Animal Discovery

(Grades K-6)

  • Discover the distinction between vertebrate and invertebrate animals by observing and interacting with live animals and biofacts.
  • Learn the defining characteristics of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Colorado Alive! 

(Grades K-6)

  • Meet live Colorado native wildlife and perform hands-on investigations with horns, antlers, skulls, skins and more.
  • Explore the interactions of living and nonliving components in Colorado's environments.
  • Discover the importance of adaptations for life in Colorado's plains, mountains, and cities, and learn about patterns of wildlife distribution.

Remarkable Reptiles

(Grades K-6)

  • Explore the reptilian science of live snakes, lizards, turtles and crocodilians!
  • Participate in a variety of amazing activities as we venture through the scaly world of reptiles.

Creatures of the Night

(Grades K-6)

  • Meet animals that sleep all day and are awake all night.
  • Discover how important these animals are to the ecosystem that they live in.

Things to Know

  • Please register at least TWO weeks in advance. Requested dates are not guaranteed until confirmed  by Denver Zoo. For more information call 720-337-1488; or email
  • Denver Zoo Outreach room requirements:
    • Ground level or elevator access.
    • An unloading and parking area close to the program location, with access for a rolling cart
    • At least 1 large table (6-8 feet preferred)
    • An adult representative in the room during the program
    • Some classes have additional requirements, such as extra tables or space.
    • No other activities during both setup and presentation
    • No food or drink
    • No other animals
  • Presenter will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to setup.
  • Due to the nature of live animals, Denver Zoo Outreach cannot guarantee which animals are at any class.
  • Animals used in classes may eat nuts; be aware of ALLERGIES.
  • If you have more than the maximum numbers of participants at your Denver Zoo Outreach class you will be charged for another class. You may request adding a class but Denver Zoo’s ability to present an additional class is not guaranteed due to the availability of instructors and animals.
  • Classes canceled or rescheduled with less than two weeks notice before the scheduled program date will be charged 50% of the total cost. Rescheduling will be accommodated to the best of our ability.  Denver Zoo Scholarship Fund awards do not apply to any cancellation fees.


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