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July 11, 2015
6:30pm to 10:00am

Group Bunk with the Beasts - Africa: Predator vs. Prey

Ages 6 - 11

Have a sleepover at Denver Zoo at a Bunk with the Beasts adventure! Group Bunks feature all of the fun and adventure of other Bunks and are designed with activities, tours and crafts. At this Bunk, your zoo safari will bring you face to face with predator and prey! Discover their adaptations for tracking the herd or escaping the hunt. Prowl with the pride and run with the pack as you view lions, wild dogs, banded mongoose and other residents of the majestic African savanna.

Additional Information

Africa: Predator vs. Prey

Each Bunk with the Beasts overnight adventure is specifically designed with activities that complement the theme of the Bunk you have chosen. Your group will explore exhibits, learn fun facts and anecdotes, and participate in learning games, crafts or stories that focus on your Bunk topic. The Denver Zoo encompasses 80 acres, and is home to more than 4000 animals, representing over 750 different species. You will not see everything or learn all there is to learn in just one visit, but you will delve deeper into the topic at hand. And, registered participants are free to explore the zoo on your own after the Bunk ends, if you would like to see some of the exhibits and animals not related to your chosen topic.  Bunk with the Beasts overnight adventures offer a more intimate, personalized exploration of the zoo. Each Bunk with the Beast overnight adventure includes different activities specific to the theme, but you can count on an active, fun-filled experience that includes:

  • A guided zoo tour focusing on animals relating to the Bunk theme.
  • Animal encounters (you will not touch a tiger, but you will get up close and personal with some of our education animals).
  • A variety of educational games and activities, including use of night vision scopes.

Group Bunks are designed around a general animal or zoo theme, such as African predator and prey, rainforests, or zoo careers. They are our most economical option, and do not include dinner, but will include an evening snack and a full breakfast. They also do include all of the outstanding tours, animal encounters, and educational activities of the other bunks.  Explore the wilds of Africa in our Africa: Predator vs. Prey bunk, travel to the tropics to discover Rainforest Wonders, or bring your teen groups to learn about Zoo careers in our special Zoo Careers bunk. Scholarships are available!  Visit our Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund page for more information.

Prefer to Bunk on a Weeknight? Special during-the-week bunks can be arranged, call 720.337.1494 for details.


$49 per child.  One chaperone per every 10 children is FREE.  Additional chaperones are $39.

Download PDF of important information.


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