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High School Water Stewards Program

We Bring the Zoo to You!

Grades 9 - 12

Empower your students to become engaged citizens and environmental stewards by incorporating a better understanding of water and its role in a sustainable lifestyle through service-learning.  Denver Zoo staff facilitate two lessons (one with live animals, one project-based) and provide ongoing teacher support in guiding students through the development of their own community service project.  Additionally, teachers will receive supplemental lessons and materials to provide students with the background knowledge and guidance necessary to create a successful service-learning experience! 




Denver Zoo High School Water Stewards Program
Colorado Academic Standards 

High School Earth Science 5:  There are costs, benefits, and consequences of exploration, development, and consumption of renewable and nonrenewable resources
High School Life Science 2: The size and persistence of populations depend on their interactions with each other and on the abiotic factors in an ecosystem.


At your facility (with an option to add on a field trip to Denver Zoo)

Consecutive classes should take place in the same location.


Maximum of 30 participants per class.

This program is a joint venture between the zoo and the teacher so it is imperative that the teacher participates by facilitating the lessons provided.

Bilingual classes may be available upon request.


This program has 10 lessons (there is an additional option for a field trip to Denver Zoo) to be facilitated over the course of one semester. Dates and start times vary, according to your scheduling needs and our availability. 

We are currently accepting applications. 


10 total lessons:

Denver Zoo staff will work with the teacher to schedule a meeting to outline the program and teacher-facilitated curriculum, discuss logistics for projects, etc.


$450/first class, $375 each additional consecutive class.

A $50 refundable deposit is required at the teacher meeting. This is not included in the program cost and will be returned once the suitcase is returned to the zoo with all materials included.

Scholarships are available: Learn more about Denver Zoo’s Scholarship Fund.

Layover fees apply to breaks exceeding 60 minutes between classes.

Travel fees apply to locations outside of SCFD boundaries.

Things To Know

  • Requested dates are not guaranteed until confirmed by Denver Zoo. For more information call 720-337-1488; or email
  • The teacher(s) will receive a loan box with all materials. The teacher(s) will receive an inventory list of all the materials. It is their responsibility to make sure all materials are in the loan box and all are returned to the zoo. If items are missing the teacher will be charged for the missing items.
  • The loan box must be returned to Guest Relations at the Denver Zoo no later than 2 weeks after the project day.
  • Denver Zoo Outreach room requirements:
    • Ground level or elevator access.
    • An unloading and parking area close to the program location, with access for a rolling cart
    • At least 1 large table needed for zoo-facilitated lessons
    • An adult representative in the room during the program
    • No other activities during both setup and presentation
    • No food or drink
    • No other animals
  • Presenter will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to setup.
  • Due to the nature of live animals, Denver Zoo Outreach cannot guarantee which animals are at any class.
  • Animals used in classes may eat nuts; be aware of ALLERGIES.
  • If you have more than the maximum numbers of participants at your Denver Zoo program you will be charged for another program. You may request adding a program but Denver Zoo’s ability to present an additional program is not guaranteed due to the availability of instructors and animals.
  • Classes canceled or rescheduled with less than two weeks notice before the scheduled program date will be charged 50% of the total cost. Rescheduling will be accommodated to the best of our ability.  Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund awards do not apply to any cancellation fees.

For more information, contact Tim Luethke, or by phone 720-337-1609.


(Register for the last program date only, and you will be contacted to set up additional dates for the teacher meeting and the other zoo-facilitated program date).

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