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Mimi is One of Oldest Elephants in North American Zoos

Denver Zoo female Asian elephant Mimi has experienced a natural decline in health over the past few months due to her advanced age. Born in India, Mimi's birth date is not known. However she is believed to be at least 53 years old, making her one the oldest elephants in North American zoos. After long deliberations and careful consideration, zoo staff is offering her hospice care, where they will focus on providing her comfort and allow her to choose how she spends her remaining days. 

Local Suds Safari on September 7 is Expected to Sell Out Again

Buy your tickets now to join Denver Zoo's suds safari, Brew At The Zoo, presented by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, before it sells out. This popular brew celebration, from 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday, September 7, will feature more than 40 of Colorado's finest breweries, food samples from nearly 20 of Denver's best restaurants, music and dancing. Proceeds from Brew at the Zoo, now in its 15th year, support Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund for Lifelong Learning, a scholarship fund of Denver Zoo.

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