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Denver Zoo’s professional educators and dedicated volunteers provide rich experiences and animal programs that create defining moments. Every year, Denver Zoo inspires more than two million people to respect, value and care for the natural world through animal shows, classes, camps, volunteer stations, guided tours, themed exhibits and up-close animal encounters.

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Denver Zoo provides face-to-face opportunities to forge emotional connections to animals. These experiences spark powerful life-long memories and are the foundation for future empathy and conservation action. Denver Zoo’s education department targets these connections and encourages our participants to love and value animals at the zoo and around the world.


A personal connection with a zoo animal motivates guests to discover more and links them to wild populations. A love for an animal in Denver Zoo’s care promotes the desire to learn more and discover how to help wildlife and protect wild places.


Every Denver Zoo guest helps animals just by visiting. Through engaging experiences and conversations, education staff and volunteers share a spectrum of actions visitors can undertake to support the care for zoo animals and help protect wildlife around the world.

On a “Mission”

The path to fulfilling Denver Zoo’s mission lies in successfully engaging guests, inspiring their connections with animals, and motivating them to take conservation actions. Ultimately, these are the goals of every zoo education program at the zoo and in the community.


  • Since 2001, Denver Zoo’s scholarship fund has allowed more than 350,000 individuals - no matter their economic circumstances - to discover the wonders of animals through participation in education programs. 
  • Volunteers of all ages put their passion for animals to work as they engage our guests and support the Denver Zoo mission. Combined, their annual hours total the work of over 45 full-time staff and further the reach of the zoo through their generous support.
  • The zoo education department is a recognized leader in science education and exploring the natural world. Dynamic, standards-based programs make Denver Zoo an important educational partner to schools providing hands-on learning for more than 47,000 students from over 400 regional schools.  
  • Denver Zoo’s Outreach Program brings the zoo to you. Staff and volunteers ensure that even those who aren’t able to visit the zoo have opportunities to discover live animals and participate in an engaging program in a three-state area.
  • On-site Education Programs transport participants out of the classroom and into the wild, through up close experiences with animals at Denver Zoo.  These programs are designed intentionally with the age, experience, and interests of the participants in mind, and school programs for Pre-K through high school are aligned with Colorado Academic Standards.  Programs for children and their families include play-based nature workshops for early childhood, overnight zoo camp outs, and week-long day camps.  The Advanced Inquiry Program enriches the lives of teachers and other professionals interested in conservation education, as they earn their Master’s degree at Denver Zoo.
  • Measuring our success is an important activity for the Education and Volunteer Services Department. Evaluation is part of everything we do and how we determine participant satisfaction, if we’re achieving our outcomes, and how best to make decisions.
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