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March 18, 2014

Summer Safari 2014: Animals Around the World!

By Lori O’Day, Youth and Teacher Programs Coordinator (Camps)

I have been a part of Denver Zoo’s Summer Safari summer day-camp program for six years. I am proud to say that our goal for Summer Safari is for our campers to be safe, have fun and learn about animals during their week at camp! Those three words; safety, fun and education, are the backbone of the two-week training for Summer Safari staff and volunteers. We have created a phenomenal program based on those principles and Denver Zoo’s mission to secure a better world for animals through human understanding. But, you don’t have to take my word for it! Every year we get feedback from parents and kids about their experience and we would like to share this firsthand account from a 6th grade camper.

My Day in Summer Safari

By: Lizia (6th grade camper)

My day at zoo camp was really exciting! I met a lot of new fun and nice people, and learned a lot about animals. My favorite part of going to Summer Safari was seeing a demonstration that Bodie the dog did. He was taught how to grab many stuffed animal’s by his mouth and then take them, and drop them into a small gate. This demonstration showed how there are dogs in Botswana who guard the cattle for farmers. This prevents the big animals like African wild dogs from attacking the livestock, and then getting shot, or poisoned by farmers. The guard dogs eventually become so bonded with a group of livestock, that they will protect it even from the farmers themselves. This cooperation between dogs and humans can make the world a better place, because less wild animals could be killed, or hurt. This conservation for the wild dogs could allow them to come off of the endangered species list.
Summer Safari allowed me to learn more about what’s happening all around the world, also how the Denver Zoo educates people in order to save our fellow wild friends. I encourage anyone who hasn’t joined Summer Safari to join, it’s an amazing experience that is fun, it allows people to come together and learn about animals, and most of all learn about what we can do as human beings to make the world a healthier and better place for all animals!

This year, campers will be transported to far off lands to learn about culture and the importance of animals, without ever leaving Denver!  Our hope is that your child leaves camp with a love of animals and a greater understanding of different cultures and the people who share these animals’ habitats.

Summer Safari starts June 2nd. 

Some sessions have already sold out! Download this pdf for a current list of sold out and available sessions.

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