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Home to more than 4,200 animals and host to over 2 million visitors each year, Denver Zoo is teeming with life. Thanks to community giving, we have become one of the nation’s most popular zoos. In turn, we’re happy to be part of what makes Denver such a vibrant place to live, learn and grow. Your gifts make the zoo a happy home for the animals, an urban oasis for nature-loving city dwellers and a living classroom for children and adults of all ages. But our reach goes far beyond the city. Your support helps protect and save animals living here in the zoo, in the Rocky Mountain region, and all over the world.

Consider a gift today to help more people create a lasting connection to wildlife and empower people to take positive action for animals.

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Zoo Pride donors have made Denver Zoo a place so special and rich in inspiration that it transforms lives every day, for every person who enters, where all walks of life enjoy an awe-inspiring connection to animals that is so profound, it moves them forever.

Because of Zoo Pride donors, Denver Zoo remains a place where children can experience the pure wonder of animals through their natural curiosity.

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Denver Zoo volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals, from all walks of life, united by their advocacy for the zoo and their passion for animals and conservation.

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting Denver Zoo’s mission by successfully engaging guests, inspiring their connections with animals and motivating them to take conservation actions. In return, volunteers receive a sense of satisfaction and pride in the defining moments they help create for others.

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