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Denver Zoo may be closed, but our animal care staff is still providing vital care for our nearly 3,000 animal residents. And we're here to keep you informed, entertained and engaged with daily videos, wildlife-themed activity ideas and much more!

Baby Rhino Cam!

Watch our little greater one-horned rhino calf hang out with mom, Tensing, in her baby-proofed indoor bedroom. She’s spending more and more time outside now in Toyota Elephant Passage now that it’s warmer, so check back soon if you don’t see her!

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Lions and African Wild Dogs

DZTV | April 7th, 2020 | 1 PM MT

Today, we're #bringingthezootoyou from a whole new angle: the roof of Benson Predator Ridge! If you've ever been to our African Carnivores Demonstration, now's your chance to take it to new heights—with a feeding brought to you by our dedicated keeper staff.

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Family Fun | April 8th, 2020 | 11 AM MT

Hyenas and African painted wild dogs are olfactory predators; animals that find their prey through smell. Put your nose to the test!

Adults, collect opaque plastic containers (like those used for frosting or margerine) and poke a few small holes in the lids. Place a different fragrant item like a flower, spice, or essential oil in each and pop the lids on top.

What does the nose really know? Have your kiddo sniff, sniff, and guess the scent! Can they match the scent to the item?

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Latest DZTV Videos

Family Fun

Meet a Keeper: Animal Trainer Interview

Family Fun | April 7th, 2020 | 9AM MT

Training is an important part of caring for animals. At Denver Zoo, animals are trained to ensure their health and safety and to keep their brains active. It’s a big job! Lucky for us, we have Animal Trainers like Lora! Read about Lora and the work she does at Denver Zoo.

Have you ever trained a pet? Then you're an animal trainer, too! Show us what your pet can do. Snap a picture of your pet doing a trained behavior and share it with us.

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How to Calm Your Child’s Coronavirus Anxiety

Most parents are appropriately concerned with keeping their families safe from the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and preventing its spread.

20 Nature Play Ideas

We’re ALL ready a bit of good news these days, so here it is: one of the healthiest things you can do for your family right now is to simply GO OUTSIDEIn addition to being one of the few remaining CDC-approved activities that involve fresh air, nature play has been proven to have powerful benefits for both bodies and brains—not just for kids, but for parents, too!  

Conservation Corner

Become a citizen scientist and save wildlife from the comfort of your own home! Click below to take part in our Colorado Corridors Project by identifying local wildlife in photos captured by remote cameras along I-70, then check out Zooniverse to see what other projects you can help with!

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