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Be a Zookeeper Zone

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Be a Zookeeper Zone is an interactive area that provides children ages 2-10, and their adults, a chance to learn about the science of zoo keeping. Guests will use scientific methods and hands-on learning to discover how zookeepers use science to provide excellent care for Denver Zoo’s animals.  

Come visit to see which animal ambassador is visiting in Outdoor Recess, where children can relate their love of recess to how zookeepers give animals similarly enjoyable opportunities in this unique transitional habitat. Stop by the Creative Care Corner to design and build a habitat for box turtles and guinea pigs, and then observe them interact with their habitat as you investigate what these animals prefer. And, be sure not to miss the charismatic llamas ‘Jorge’ and ‘Fernando’. Assist in a feeding session or participate in a llama walk about the zoo! Other activities offered in ‘Be a Zookeeper Zone’ include live animal demonstrations, enrichment creation, animal diet investigations, animal behavior observations, and much more.

Be a Zookeeper Zone is open seasonally from late spring to early fall, weather permitting. Activities vary throughout the day. Visit the ‘Be a Zookeeper Zone’ area to see the day’s schedule of activities.