Denver Zoo's Conservation Efforts

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A gift to Denver Zoo not only supports the more than 4,000 magnificent animals in our care, but it also supports advancing 20+ years of Denver Zoo's field conservation leadership in Colorado and around the globe.

Changing the future for communities, animals and the planet.

Denver Zoo works tirelessly here and around the world to improve our planet for wild animals, wild places and future generations. We commit our time, training, manpower and well over $2 million annually to operate conservation programs at the Zoo, in our community, region and on four continents around the world.

A recognized wildlife conservation leader since 1998, our impact is measured in restoring fragile wild lands, saving precious natural resources, decreasing waste, increasing threatened animal populations, reducing human-animal conflicts in fragile areas, and igniting a passion for a healthy planet within our guests, donors, partners, employees, and community.