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DATE February 1 - 28, 2019

TIME All Day Event

AGES All ages


Flock to the Zoo!

In celebration of Feathered Friends February, a month-long celebration of all things birds, we’re giving you even more reasons to flock to Denver Zoo! Buy HALF-PRICE tickets online* before you visit, then wing your way over to the warmth of Bird World for a gaggle of special weekend events, including zookeeper talks, bird demonstrations and more. You’ll learn about many of the 134 bird species that call Denver Zoo home and make some new feathered friends along the way!

*Discount offer only valid for online purchases Feb. 1-28; tickets must be redeemed by February 28, 2019. No refunds, exchanges or transfers.
**All activities included with Zoo admission and subject to change.

Feathered Friends February Events

Schedule of SATURDAY Activities, February 9, 16 and 23:

10:00am-2:00pm  Activity Station inside Bird World

10:15am  Penguin Feeding at Bird World

11:45am  Bird Encounter at Be A Zookeeper Zone

12:45pm  Bird Enrichment Bug Toss at Rainforest Habitat inside Bird World

1:30pm    Wild Encounters Show at Wild Encounters Amphitheater

2:00pm    Cinereous Vulture Feeding & Zookeeper Talk near the Pachyderm Building

3:00pm    Cinereous Vulture Enrichment Demo at Nurture Trail

3:30pm    Penguin Feeding at Bird World


Schedule of SUNDAY Activities, February 10, 17 and 24:

10:00am-2:00pm  Activity Station inside Bird World

10:15am  Penguin Feeding at Bird World

11:45am  Bird Encounter at Be A Zookeeper Zone

12:45pm  Bird Training Demo at Tropics Habitat inside Bird World

1:30pm    Wild Encounters Show at Wild Encounters Amphitheater

2:00pm    Cassowary Training Demo at Cassowary Habitat

3:00pm    Kea Enrichment Demo at Kea Habitat

3:30pm    Penguin Feeding at Bird World


*Pick up “Find Your Feathered Friends” contest form inside Bird World or at Denver Zoo’s Boettcher Welcome Center.

This Year’s Featured Feathered Friends

Look for these bird bio signs posted at bird habitats throughout the zoo to learn more about this year’s featured feathered friends. Stop by the Boettcher Welcome Center or the Bird World exhibit to pick up a “Find Your Feathered Friends” contest entry form. Submit the completed form to the Boettcher Welcome Center or the activity station inside Bird World for your chance to win a special behind-the-scenes bird tour! Contest runs from 10am on February 9th through 5pm on February 24th, 2019.


Oenone the Bald Eagle

You can visit Oenone at her current home in the exhibit across from the flamingo ponds next to the Andean condor.

Jake the Edwards’s Pheasant

Come visit Jake at Bird World. Remember to look high and low because he likes to move all around his habitat. You may see him chasing after a cricket or taking a nap in the tree.



You can visit Alexi at her at her summer home on the Flamingo Ponds near Lorikeet Adventure. You can tell her apart from the other flamingos with her leg band. It is on her left leg, Green 39.


Visit Swanton near the exit of Bird World. You can’t miss him. If you try to sneak by he will let you know he sees you by calling out. Don’t be alarmed - he does this to almost everyone!


Stop by Bird World and visit Lucy in her Jungle habitat. Look for her in the pool or under some of the plants. Remember Lucy is shy and blends in very well with her surroundings.


Skeletor the Nicobar Pigeon

Visit Skeletor in the Rainforest room of Bird World. You might find Skeletor in his likely places behind the bench in the trees or on his bathing rock in the splash of the waterfall. He has a blue colored band on his left leg.

Gulliver the Green-Winged Macaw

Visit Denver Zoo’s resident macaws in the Rainforest room of Bird World.  They are usually out until closing time at Bird World, but tends Gulliver to get very vocal at the end of the day when she wants to go to her nighttime home behind-the-scenes.



Visit Anna behind Bird World. Due to their native environment they should be able to enjoy all of the cold weather we have in store this winter with ease.


Drogo and his mate, Aztai, are residents in the outside yard by the black rhinos and hippos. He is very cold-hardy so he can be seen year-round in the outside exhibit.


You can visit Darla at her home on the Nurture Trail near our Avian Propagation Center, where she can be seen with her mate, Hochi. She is very cold tolerant so she will be visible regardless of finicky Colorado weather.


Ursula the Steller's Sea Eagle

You can visit Ursula in the Bird of Prey habitat on the side of Bird World in between the African penguins and Toyota Elephant Passage.

Skylar the Spangled Cotinga

You can visit him at his current home in the first window of the last hallway of Bird World just before you leave the building. Visit Denver Zoo in February for a full month of feathered friend fun!  Find out more on the website.



Stormy lives in the Aquatics room of the Bird World building. He is a very secretive bird and tends to stay high in the canopy during the day without moving or making any noise making him very easy to overlook despite his size (he stands about 2 ½ feet tall).


Come visit Sai and her mate in the Tropics room located in the heart of Bird World. She may be hard to find because she can be shy. Look high up in trees and watch for a bright yellow flying birds as she likes to move from tree to tree throughout the day.


Come visit Rory and his mate Shelly in the first room on Bird World. Look closely and you will most likely see them camouflaged behind the tree near the front.