Our Philosophy

Denver Zoo’s Learning & Engagement Department cultivates moments of awe for guests, both onsite and in our community, by providing transformative learning experiences that connect people to the wonder of animals and nature.

We believe

  • Emotional experiences are what drive the brain to be active and to create memories.
  • People learn best when they are exploring real-world issues and solutions.
  • People are engaged in science when they are guided by their own curiosity, interests and questions.
  • When learning is meaningful, people will join us in support of our mission.

We create wonder & that changes the world

About the Learning & Engagement Department

Denver Zoo's long-term learning outcomes are for our audiences 1) to think of themselves as scientific and environmental thinkers and learners, and 2) to be champions for wildlife.

From early childhood to adult learners, our programs are rooted in age-appropriate experiences that connect all learners to the natural world through cultivation of empathy and self-driven exploration that builds knowledge and ultimately empowers learners to take action for wildlife.

Denver Zoo is committed to making sure students in our community and across Colorado have access to transformative science education experiences regardless of their economic circumstances. We believe that every learner in our community deserves the opportunity to tap into their natural curiosity, to engage in awe-inspiring learning experiences and to develop their inner-scientists.

Denver Zoo Access to Awe Fund

Over 450,000 youth have benefited from Denver Zoo scholarships with over $2,000,000 in awards!