Occupational Health & Safety Policy

As an industry-leader actively in pursuit of enhancing its commitment to providing exceptional care, protection, and service to animals, staff, and guests, The Denver Zoological Foundation endeavors to maintain the highest standards of safety throughout its personal, professional, and business performance.

In order to successfully fulfill our Mission of securing a better world for animals through human understanding, all levels of the institution are committed to ensuring that:

  • We comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, and other requirements that are applicable to the activities we undertake. As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest level of service, it is our intention to achieve and maintain accreditation of our occupational, health, and safety management system to OHSAS 18001;
  • These requirements are considered to be on an equal footing with other business interests; therefore, resources such as financial, personnel, and equipment will be allocated where necessary;
  • We will acquire competent assistance to enable us to reach our aims for health and safety, regardless of the location or activities of our employees;
  • We continually improve employee training, awareness, and development, to expand and maintain a proactive attitude and culture, to motivate all employees to act in a safe, healthy, and responsible manner;
  • Targets are set for the reduction and prevention of accidents, work-related ill health and accident-related loss of time and resources;
  • This pledge to Health and Safety standards is relayed to staff, volunteers, suppliers, the general public, and other stakeholders, as appropriate; and,
  • Our health and safety performance is continually assessed through communication and measuring performance, so continual improvements and setting of relevant Health and Safety objectives and targets can be implemented.
Revisions: March 28, 2018