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Secret Science Days

Explore. Engage. Explain.


Did you know that everything we do at the Zoo to care for our animals involves science? Spark your student’s interest in science as you explore real world animal care challenges in this special discovery day at Denver Zoo. 

Zoo staff and volunteers will help your students uncover the inside workings of Denver Zoo, encourage them to make observations at exhibits, discuss ideas with their peers, and share what they’ve learned. The more they engage, the more they discover – including tips on where to see exciting shows and demonstrations, interact with keepers and vets, and meet live animals up close!

Grades: Kindergarten-5th


  • September 20th
  • November 16th
  • November 30th


*Scholarships are available through Denver Zoo’s Scholarship Fund. Please apply for the scholarship fund instead of registering above; registration will be completed upon award of scholarship. For information on the Denver Zoo Scholarship Fund, click HERE