The Littlest Big Cat

Every dollar of support our Baby Lion Registry receives will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 by a generous and anonymous Denver Zoo volunteer and donor who absolutely loves our felines.

Socialization Packs

Foster new and exciting experiences!

Like a human baby, our cub will experience many firsts. We want to provide the newest member of our pride with items like bags, blankets and noisy toys that help him get used to his new world and prepare him to socialize with his pride.


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Our Pride’s Nutrition

Provide Nourishing Engagement

Feeding on large sections of meat exercises jaw muscles, increases strength, improves oral and digestive health--and helps our lion pride form long-lasting social bonds.


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Interactive Enrichment

Encourage Natural Curiosity

Whether it’s a brand-new smell our lion cub (and lions) can investigate, or installing a state-of-the-art digital projection they can interact with all night long, we are always finding new ways to engage our lions’ minds.


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Wellness Checks

Support the veterinary care of our cub!

Our world-class animal care team does it all. Help ensure they are well prepared for the pride’s new addition and are able to continue to provide nose-to-tail care for all of our animals.


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Lion-sized Toys

Unleash their wild side!

Our pride requires lion-sized toys that can withstand their robust strength. From heavy-duty balls to puzzle feeders and beyond, all of our enrichment items help to encourage and stimulate natural behaviors.


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Ongoing Expert Care

Foster Daily Innovation

It costs $115,000 a day to operate Denver Zoo. Your donations help support hands-on training programs,
medical care, enrichment activities, dietary expertise and much more.


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Other Ways to Give

You have the power to help our community learn, grow and thrive. Partner with Denver Zoo and let’s be a force for good.